Genesis Reformed Protestant School is dedicated to high-quality, Reformed education. In the fulfillment of our calling to teach our children, scripture is of paramount importance.

Our school is divided into five classrooms: (1) kindergarten, first and second grade; (2) third, fourth and fifth grades; (3) sixth, seventh and eighth grades; (4) ninth and tenth grades; (5) eleventh and twelfth grades. In each class, teachers prepare and interactively teach lessons using a range of available tools.

Lower classrooms are smaller with much attention paid to forming a strong foundation of reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Upper classrooms make increasing use of technology and focus on developing a love of lifetime learning through all the subjects. In high school, our students are stimulated to be thinking members of Christ’s Church living in the world (but not of it), doing so also with a view to their life calling and career choices.


Academic Calendar

Follow along with academic events, deadlines, and coursework at Genesis Reformed Protestant School.